RMM ( is embarking on a journey to raise $15,000 through our REACH online campaign.

REACH further, REACH higher, REACH into your hearts (and into your wallets!), to help RMM REACH $15,000, so we can continue to REACH those most in need.

**REACH further to ensure RMM is able to continue providing vital support to the most vulnerable in New York City through its many programs and services.**

**REACH higher to help us reach our fundraising goal through our online/social media campaign.**

You can donate here on the home page, a fundraiser's page, or make your own fundraiser page. The fundraiser group that raises the most money will win a happy hour on our roof, donated by a RMM board member. The winning fundraiser group captain will receive 2 tickets to the broadway musical Charlie and The Chocolate Factory donated by our very own Alan H. Green, also one of the cast members!


  • Your donation is tax deductible.
  • Please check if your place of work has matching donations. 
  • Check out RMM on social media - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - for fun campaign updates and pass the word along about the campaign! 


Meet some of the fundraisers that are part of this campaign

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